Purchase Order Process

​How to Pay with a Purchase Order

If you are a parent of a Charter School student and will be paying for your order by Purchase Order:

  • 1Place your items in the shopping cart and proceed to checkout.
  • 2Fill out your “billing” information (please use your own name and email address, but you may either use your home address or your ES/Teacher’s address).   To help us even further, you can write “Charter School order” or something similar in the Order Notes box.
  • 3Click the Purchase Order button at the bottom of the screen.
  • 4Click on “Place Order.”  You will then receive an order confirmation email, which you should forward to your ES/Teacher.

Your Charter School will then submit a Purchase Order to us.  Once we receive the PO, we will get started on your order and ship it to ​the address on the PO.

PLEASE REMEMBER: Because your order will be paid for by a publicly-funded Charter School, you MAY NOT include anything of a religious/sectarian nature in your order.  This includes the “Scripture” cover and all of your customized Weekly Schedule Sheet choices.  Thank you for understanding.

Notes About Purchase Orders

  • Because these orders are paid via Purchase Order, we cannot accept coupon codes for them.  Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Currently, we are approved vendors for all IEM charter schools (Sky Mountain, South Sutter, and Ocean Grove), Sage Oak, Compass, Inspire, ​Heartwood Charter Schools in California, Oak Harbor HomeConnection in Washington State, and Fossil DLP in Oregon.  If you are a member of a different Charter School, we would love it if you would place a request for us to become a vendor for your school!